USDA Prime Tenderloin Steak (priced per pound) - 1-3lbs




Why We Love This

Hand-selected from grain-fed U.S. cattle, this superior cut of steak features all the juiciness, flavor and superior marbling you'd expect from a high-end steakhouse.

About this item

  • USDA Prime boneless tenderloin beef
  • Exceptional juiciness, tenderness, flavor and superior marbling
  • Served by upscale steakhouses, luxurious hotels and limited retailers
  • Hand-selected and cut from grain-fed U.S. cattle
  • Product of the USA

Prime tenderloin steak, known for its extremely tender, buttery soft texture, is an excellent choice when you want a high-end steakhouse dinner at home. Just like the name suggests, tenderloin steak is the most tender cut of beef with superior marbling, juiciness and flavor that requires minimal seasoning.

Sam's Club tenderloin steaks come with a USDA Prime rating, the highest grade possible earned by only 4-7% of beef. This ensures you receive the highest-quality cut with superior tenderness, juiciness and flavor. Our tenderloin is hand-selected and cut in Club from grain-fed U.S. cattle for quality and optimal marbling.

This high-grade cut of meat is best prepared using any dry-heat cooking method including roasting, grilling, sautéing and smoking. Instead of using a marinade as your seasoning, this steak tastes best when seasoned with salt, fresh-cracked pepper and your favorite spices before grilling. For best results, let meat rest at room temperature before cooking.

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