Maxwell House House Blend K-Cup Coffee Pods (100 ct.)




Why We Love This

Maxwell House's House Blend is custom roasted for full flavor, then sealed in pods to keep it fresh. That means every cup is good until the very last drop.

About this item

  • Maxwell House medium roast
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Coffee K-Cups
  • For use in all Keurig brewers

Maxwell House, House Blend Coffee K-Cups® (100 ct.) are an invigorating start to your day. Morning coffee is a sacred ritual. No one is quite the same before they have that first cup of coffee, and K-Cup coffee makes it quick and easy to clear the cobwebs of sleep and get your day rolling. Maxwell House coffee has been a crowd favorite for over a century thanks to its 100% Arabica medium roast coffee, smooth and robust, never bitter and consistently delicious. For a stretch of over 100 years, it was the best selling coffee in the United States. Maxwell House medium roast is a household name and has been since its founding in 1892. The founder, Joel Cheek, named it after a hotel he loved in downtown Nashville called the Maxwell House Hotel.

How Does This Compare to Maxwell House Instant Coffee?

Maxwell House, House Blend Coffee K-Cups are much better than Maxwell instant coffee. They are more flavorful, more frothy and more consistent. They have a stronger and more robust true coffee taste. Instant coffee undergoes a roasting and grinding process that detracts from the bean's natural flavor, whereas K-Cups are packed in an airtight canister that preserves the beans' freshness and ensures the best possible flavor. The brewing process is also better suited to quality coffee, using hot water through a pressurized and tightly packed cup of grounds rather than hot water dissolving the grounds as it does in instant coffee.

What is the Best Medium Roast Coffee?

Maxwell House, House Blend Coffee K-Cups is one of the best and most popular medium roast coffees on the market. It is full bodied but well balanced and never bitter. Once customers become loyal to Maxwell House, they rarely move on to any other brands because of the consistent quality of the coffee.

What is the Best Arabica Coffee?

Maxwell House is considered one of the best arabica coffees because of its even-keeled, rich flavor. Some Arabicas can get sharp, sour or bitter but Maxwell House is consistently nutty, roasty and full bodied.

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