Land O'Lakes Mini Moo's Half & Half (192 ct.)




Why We Love This

No fridge needed. Made with wholesome, farm-fresh milk and cream, these creamer singles let you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee on your own terms.

About this item

  • Mini Moo's Half & Half is made with farm-fresh milk and cream
  • Refrigeration not required
  • 192-count individual portion control cups
  • Easy-open dispenser
  • Fresh taste guarantee

Enjoy a creamy morning beverage with Land O'Lakes® Mini Moo's® Half & Half. Each individual capsule contains farm-fresh milk.

What's in Land O'Lakes Mini Moo's Half & Half Creamer?

Land O'Lakes Mini Moo's Half & Half is made with real dairy. Each single-serve pod contains just 10 calories, so you can indulge. Reward yourself with the rich, creamy taste and velvety texture of real dairy cream.

Appealing Creamy Flavor

Mini Moo's Half & Half farm fresh milk lets your beverage do the talking by adding just a hint of farm-fresh milk and a silky texture to your coffee or tea. It's also great for iced coffees and iced teas.

Who Makes Mini Moo's Half & Half Creamer?

Land O'Lakes partners with the nation's best dairy farmers to create the finest dairy products. They pride themselves on using farm-fresh ingredients for Mini Moo's Half & Half creamers, which carry UHT-Processed and Real Dairy seals.

Easy to Serve and Store

This package contains 192 farm fresh dairy pods that are sized just right for easy portion control. They come with a convenient easy-open dispenser to reduce the risk of spills. Plus, there's no need for refrigeration, making the pods suitable for homes, offices, convenience stores, coffee shops, cafes and more. Enjoy a smooth, delicious beverage whenever you want.

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