Fanta Orange Mini Cans (7.5oz 30pk)




About this item

  • Serve ice cold for maximum refreshment
  • Perfect size for drinking with meals, on the go, or any time
  • Mini Fanta in a sip-sized can
  • Perfect for meals, with a snack, or to use as a mixer

Bright, bubbly and instantly refreshing, Fanta is made with 100% natural flavors and is caffeine free. Its bright color, bold fruit taste, and tingly carbonation will liven up any special time with friends and family. Introduced in 1940, Fanta is inspired by real fruit flavors. Fanta is known for its great fruity taste and fun vibrant colors for those who want to Be More Than One Flavor. With mouth-watering orange, wild cherry, sweet strawberry, juicy grape, or tangy pineapple, Fanta has all your favorite flavors. Fanta Minis are the ideal complement to a variety of settings. Open up a case of these and share them with your friends and family for a refreshing break everyone will enjoy. Moms love that it is caffeine free and teens love the delicious and bubbly fruity refreshment. Serve Fanta ice cold for maximum refreshment. It’s the perfect size for drinking with meals, on the go, or any time. This naturally flavored orange soda has 100 calories per 7.5 fluid ounce can. With 100% natural flavors and caffeine free, these Fanta Orange Mini Cans are 7.5 fluid ounces each and come in a pack of 30. The perfect size for snacking or on the go.

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