Coffee-mate The Original Powdered Coffee Creamer (56 oz.)




About this item

  • Great Original taste
  • Lasts longer than traditional dairy creamer
  • Hygienic design makes it great for coffee stations
  • 2-year shelf life before opening
  • Perfect for home, office or food service locations
  • Easy-to-grip container

Put America's #1 coffee creamer next to your favorite mug with Coffee-mate Powder Original (56 oz). This non-dairy coffee creamer lasts longer than the liquid version and is a great addition to any coffee station at home or the office.

Great-Tasting Coffee Creamer

When it comes to organic coffee creamer, one thing is the most important: taste. Coffee-mate creamer's original formula has the same delicious taste coffee drinkers have been enjoying for years. While many flavors have been added over the years, this is the favorite that people keep coming back to. Simply stir it into your coffee and enjoy the rich, smooth taste it brings to every single sip.

Does Powdered Creamer Last Longer?

Powdered coffee creamer has a much longer shelf life than regular liquid creamer. If you find you're never able to finish a bottle of creamer before it goes bad or are tired of it taking up space in your refrigerator, Coffee-mate powdered coffee creamer is the perfect solution. Keep it in a cabinet or just sitting next to your favorite coffee maker. With over 790 servings in the canister, it lasts longer.

How Do You Set Up a Public Coffee Station?

Whether it's in your kitchen, at your office or even a professional foodservice location, having self-serve coffee presents a few challenges. Coffee-mate Powdered Coffee Creamer is a more hygienic solution for a public coffee station, thanks to its unique flip-top design. Unlike liquid creamer, it doesn't need to be chilled so you can leave it out all day long without having to worry about it going bad. And in the event of a spill, cleaning up the powdered creamer is as easy as wiping it down. No crying over spilled milk here! Coffee-mate Powdered Creamer can be enjoyed by everyone as well since it is dairy-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free and kosher.

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