Clorox 2 for Colors - Max Performance Stain Remover and Color Brightener (112.75 oz.)




About this item

  • Removes 50% more stains* with pretreat
  • Safe on all colors and washable fabrics
  • Eliminates stains and keeps the color

Clorox 2® for Colors – Max Performance Stain Remover & Color Brightener designed with triple action to remove stains, eliminate odors and brighten colors, all in one. This color-safe laundry stain remover has a 3-in-1 formula (removes 50% more stains than detergent alone with pretreating, attacks and eliminates tough odors, and brightens colors in every load) to keep clothes looking newer and brighter for longer. This odor-eliminating technology works to fight tough odors including mildew and smoke from both colored and white clothes. It also has their best brightening formula ever (2x the brightening power than regular Clorox 2) and is safe to use on all colors and fabrics and can be used in standard and HE washers. This laundry magic is the #1 liquid stain remover that works great on dried and set in stains like grass, ink, juice and spaghetti sauce. Add Clorox 2® for Colors – Max Performance Stain Remover & Color Brightener to every wash to keep clothes looking good and smelling fresh.

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